A view that might make you think—especially if you’re a leader!!!
Aren't you glad to know that even people who write continually screw up?
How did Marilyn Monroe die? Was Justice Antonin Scalia’s death really from natural causes? How nice of the victims to show up to clarify.
A fascinating quote from the long deceased General Stonewall Jackson. Another warrior and leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, expressed very similar sentiments.
An inside look at my world—the excitement and the constant pressure. Well, it’s never boring.
It might have been important twenty-five years ago when barriers were being broken but not so much today. Sally Ride explains her reason for keeping her…
One mystery to exist is what really happened to Amelia Earhart? No remains of her or her plane were ever found. Imagine my shock when she came from the…
All heroines ended up with their prince charming! Few of us live that fairytale, or do we? According to Princess Grace of Monaco, it’s all a matter of…
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