What is The Soul Report?

The Soul Report brings readers fascinating messages from some of the most famous individuals who ever lived. These aren’t historical quotes dug from the archives—these are current quotes, captured word-for-word from icons on the “other side”. What they have to say today is extremely insightful, extraordinarily profound, and totally relevant! No one can question their objectivity.

I’m uniquely qualified to bring you these messages since I’ve been a closet medium for more than thirty-years. When my clairaudient gifts appeared, quite by accident, I kept them secret while dutifully transcribing every word of every message I ever received. To date I have received over five hundred extraordinary missives.

Here is the backstory.

During the 1980’s, in a parallel life to my career, I hid my first secret. I was recovering from a rash of chronic and life-threatening illnesses—without conventional medicine and without pharmaceutical drugs. From rheumatoid arthritis and leukemia (twice) to hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, and neutropenia, I recovered from them all—yet no one really knew. Then GET WELL – EVEN WHEN YOU’VE BEEN TOLD YOU CAN’T (2008) was published to help others understand the holistic healing process and find the perfect answers for themselves. So, my first secret became public in that book.

My second secret was my clairaudient gift—developed by accident during my first holistic healing journey. I had learned to keep my mind still to mitigate pain and in doing so, I began to hear the whispers.  Soon messages from the “other side” began appearing—initially from family, friends, angels, guides, Ascended Masters and even God. They were all so precious to me that I wrote each one down and filed them away.

When my son died suddenly in 2018, our reconnection and ongoing relationship were captured in “Hi Momma, It’s Me” (October 2020).  Once again, this next secret became public in another book that I’m proud to say has helped many others with their grief and loss. 

I began referring to myself as a spiritual secretary.

Soon, hundreds more souls began to show up, but this time, they were legendary names and icons spanning centuries. I was overwhelmed. I guess they trusted me since when I transcribe, I never censor, edit, or filter any of the comments.  They kept coming. The first one hundred and twenty-four famous souls’ missives appeared in SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK (November 2021). Since then, I’ve received hundreds more—therefore The Soul Report was born. There will also be more books in the SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK series.

There’s no other source for this information.

The Soul Report is the only opportunity to hear from some of the most famous people who have ever lived, long since past. These souls with their extraordinarily unique perspective—no longer possess ego or any emotion other than those based in love.

As they bare their souls to us, you’ll be privy to information that no one else has—reflections on their lives, their deepest regrets, insight about life in general, and what life after life is all about. All this from many people we have respected or loved—for decades, generations and even centuries!

These famous souls share a profound perspective about our current culture, politics, patriotism, institutional corruption, race and racism, and religion to love and romance, stress and the pressures of today, freedom, war, and self-reflection—as well as the afterlife, the Divine, the beauty of simplicity, our children and the fields of medicine, science, and healing.

Well, you guessed it; the subject matter is always surprising!

What subscribers receive.

Paid subscribers receive the satisfaction of helping maintain the life of The Soul Report into the future. For some, simply being privy to the soulful reflections of these famous and infamous icons has enough value to justify a paid subscription.

The Soul Report is the only place such information exists. So, there is no question you’ll know more about these extraordinary individuals than anyone else you know!

Paid subscribers will also receive a minimum of two extra insider reports each month providing (1) a glimpse of my process in receiving messages, (2) the names of some of the hundreds of legends waiting for their messages to revealed, (3) bits of wisdom from messages that might come in future books, (4) advance notice of future books and author appearances you may want to catch and (5) sometimes, just personal musings about what I’ve learned from this fascinating work.

In addition, there may be chat options and other opportunities as this technology resistant senior learns how those work. Trust me, it will be worth subscribing!!!

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Sandy Cowen’s life as a successful entrepreneur and reluctant medium—hiding her gift for decades—changed with the passing of her son, Jon, in 2018. A four-time author, she is also a holistic healing expert, member of Mensa and spiritual scribe.